Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a process in which a completely neutral person, called a mediator, tries to help the parties and their lawyers resolve a dispute. First, in mediation the mediator does not make any decisions and does not impose a result on anyone.
Mediation is quite different from the other ways of resolving disputes. The mediator cannot force anyone to resolve a dispute, but the matter may be settled only if all parties and their lawyers agree to a binding agreement reached during mediation. Mediation skills can be used in a formal or informal setting. Utilizing question asking and listening skills that allow and guide the parties to work out, to their satisfaction an agreement that is acceptable for them. The practice of Mediation and Dispute resolution has been used in family and neighbor disputes, divorces, civil litigation and probate beneficiaries.

When people talk and begin to listen to the
issues, to solve their problems together, mediation works.

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