Case Study One

Mrs. A was born in 1904. Graduated from University in '26. Married in '29 and moved to Southern California. Her only son was born with serious medical problems, which took his life in 1956. She and her husband ran a thriving business. She held a pilots' license and was involved in several philanthropic organizations. Her husband died in a car crash in 1965.

On the eve of her 98th birthday I was asked to step in as her Co-Trustee. She had a large estate with property, stocks, bonds and liquid assets. I began the day to day management of her financial affairs. Reviewing and paying all her bills, dealing with the stock brokers, managing the rent from her properties. Utilizing prudent investor techniques - her portfolio grew.

I found and helped her move into a lovely assisted living facility after her 100th birthday. Taking on the responsibilty for managing her medical care was part of the case. Monitoring medication, making decisions on care and optimizing her healthy life style. As the years passed she began to fail physically. I hired 24 hour licensed and bonded caregivers. I went to the emergency room many times to advocate on her behalf, making sure that her care was appropriate for her age and condition.

Fast forward to 2006. On the evening before she died she told me how important I was to her and how much I had enhanced her life. I had the privilege of being with her during those last hours. After her funeral services, I discovered a letter she had written about what our relationship meant to her.

Her legacy is still going strong. Her trust left bequests for her favorite charities, university and the people that she loved.

Case Study Two

Mrs. B is an elderly widow with dimishing sight. She lives alone in her own home. Needing help with her property and investments she asked me to help her. We visited her stock brokers and several banks. She needs assistance reading her paperwork, paying her bills and handling the property management on her rental properties. This is an on-going task.

In this case, I am only handling her estate. She has a great network of friends that help her with transportation, medical appointments and social activities.

Case Study Three

Mr. C is a middle aged man, never married, no children and no siblings. He owns his own business, his home and has a growing portfolio. With the help of his attorney I have been added to his trust as the Successor Trustee. My responsibility begins after his death, with the task of handling his estate following the wishes of his trust making certain that his bequests are honored.

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