Keep Calm and Call Pat!

Patricia Barr, Pat to anyone who’s known her longer than five minutes, began her professional journey in the diplomatic world. After political unrest brought that career to an end, Pat became a licensed realtor in 1984. Owner of her own Real Estate company, Vega Barr & Associates, she quickly became one of the leading real estate and mortgage brokers in the Northeastern Los Angeles area. After selling the business in 1992, Pat continued to practice real estate; discovering a niche selling the new generation’s parent’s homes in probate. Over the past 30 plus years Pat has sold and resold many properties for successive owners – many of her clients consider her their “realtor for life”.

In the spring of 2000 a dear friend asked Pat to be her Trustee and manage her assets – she was moving into a senior facility and didn’t want to continue managing her properties, brokerage accounts and Kansas farm land. A new career, as a fiduciary, was born.

During this time, the fiduciary business was plagued by negative publicity due to a few unscrupulous practitioners. In 2008, California legislation created the professional licensed fiduciary. Pat, Professional Fiduciary #87, now allocates her time between her Fiduciary and Real Estate businesses, representing new and longtime clients.

Pat’s professional mantra, anticipating need before necessity, represents the core of her approach to business. Serving as an Administrator, Trustee and Conservator, she custom curates multi-disciplinary teams suited for her each client’s present and, most importantly, future requirements. Whether it’s digging through rooms of family treasures, visiting foreign tax havens to marshal assets, explaining to families that mom’s silver is stainless not sterling, rescuing pets that were left behind, running from a swarm of bees (in heels), liquidating art and jewelry or patiently listening to stories about dear ones who have passed, Pat embraces the manifold and often magical moments that accompany a career in the Fiduciary Arts.

On the rare occasion that she’s not working, Pat is a consummate hostess and baker, dance partner, daughter, proud mother to one of the advertising industry’s top Creative Directors, dachshund aficionado, British royalty buff (Pat’s 26th cousin is Queen Elizabeth II), glamorous gardener and member of the Order of the Eastern Star, American Legion Auxiliary and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Patricia L. Barr​
Fiduciary Services of California

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